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Technical Specifications:


• MECATOME T 201 A is a precision micro cutting machine with automatic feeding advance for a large range of applications. MECATOME T 201 A can accommodate many kinds of samples due to parameter control and versatile fixturing.

• Its electronic control panel, very simple to use, allows to memorize speed rotation, feeding advance and cutting length.

• Cast iron T slot table (200 x 210 mm) with a feed speed of 6 -100 mm per minute (3 to 75 mm/min under request) with 2520 mm cut length. Table can accommodate different types of vices, transversal table or special holders.

• Variable speed rotation allows optimal cuts following cut-off wheels types and diameters and materials to cut.

• The vertical movement of the cutting discs (60 mm motorized) allows adjustments to compensate for range of wheels sizes and to accommodate large samples.

• High speed automatic return when cut complete, and high speed setting of the table.

• Automatic resistance regulated cut.

• Possible to cut with vertical movement of the cutting discs with variable speed feeding advance, in manual.

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