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Technical Specifications:

• MECATOME ST310 is a sensitive manual cut-off machine with swinging movement, allowing rapid cut, easy to use and without any overheating.
• This swinging movement, which is a PRESI exclusive technology, increases the length of the cut. MECATOME ST310 is thus the most high-performance machine on the market.
• Its new speed regulation technology enables a constant speed of the cutting disc whatever the applying load on the sample.
• Thanks to the Ø 250 or 300mm cutting discs combined with the “4 preset speed” modus, the best cutting results on every type of materials can be obtained.
• The design of MECATOME ST310 means that large and bulky components can be cut, as well as bars.
• With its large transparent hood and the lighting of the cutting chamber, it is very easy to position the samples to cut.
• Its new table with interchangeable stainless steel blocks could be used with quick clamping vices, KOPAL holders
and special holders.
• With the tank equipped with an efficient filter system (removable and washable), the cooling system is always clean and do not add any polluting particles during the cut. The cuts are always perfectly clear.
• The cleaning is very easy thanks to the stainless spray nozzle.
• MECATOME ST310 is adapted to cut in laboratory as well as in workshop
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